Let It Grow

Posted by Colleen Newquist on 16th May 2024

Let It Grow

I stood on the sidewalk in front of the little brick church down the block and, using a camera with the telephoto lens, snapped photo after photo of young robins nesting on a ledge just above the church doors. Two robins were visible, and then a third head popped up. Enchanted, I stood there for the longest time, grinning at the sweetness of life. 

Watching new life unfold is so uplifting. At a time when humanity seems at its worst and nature ever imperiled, fledgling robins are such a symbol of hope, reminding us of the sheer resiliency of life. 

Like the tulips that sprang forth from under the porch of a renovated house down the street, in ground that had been uprooted, trampled, and was nothing more than compacted clay. The tulips found their way, snaking up from under the lattice and opening their brilliant red and yellow faces to the sunshine. 

Oh, glorious spring. The earth is green, the air heady with promise. Life is lush with ideas to birth. Adventures bursting to bloom. Dreams ready to soar.

Colleen Newquist writes, doodles, plays outside, and cooks in Three Oaks, Michigan. To read more of her musings in Stop and Smell the Butter, visit colleennewquist.com

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